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    hmm I could help with the photoshop stuff this fall since i just ordered the software, could also contribute fanfics and art...Anyways other animes/manga i would put would be "Here and There Then and Now," Blood the last vampire, Berserk (though i doubt your principle would like that), "Vampire Hunter D", and "Bloodlust," (only rated R for violence). The Slayers, slayers next and try too, one last one would be Initial D just an awesome anime (but the dub sucks big time) a good manga is Maison Ikkoku. Also that sucks it cant be "R" rated I mean you leave out Evangelion and Akira!

    I have access to tons of anime and manga. I could post it on my site and you could dl it i suppose or i could just snail mail it to you (but youd have to return it lol) A great anime and manga resource site is, its been up for quite a long time and has access to fansites official sites everything. Im sure you could find stuff there for the site. Sorry this is gettin real long lol. You could do a installment once a month too about voice actors (im a nut about em) interview different peeps from diff animes. Just a suggestion!

    Finnally (i promise this is the last thing) ever consider having a webstation? I was thinking of buying some space off of (i recently purchased pirate radio software for my schools band) but I could just as easily convert it too anime use. You could play anime music and even have radio interviews or live broadcasts! I think the price per month is about $25. Anyways just a suggestion! Ill post back here later...

    Oni Flygon isnt Full Metal Alchemist a video game as well?
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