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    Alright, here's character #1. Hope's she's acceptable in everyone's eyes, although honestly, I probably could have done a lot more with her. I'm starting on my astronomer dude right now, and hopefully he'll be up soon.

    Name: Belle (Isabelle) Gracien
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Baker

    Appearance: Belle is rarely seen anything but a flowering, one-piece dress in some form. Her favorite, a light blue gown-like piece of clothing that is adorned with teal swirls and small flower patterns, can usually be seen on her. She bounces around in a small pair of noiseless sandals that match whatever dress she decides to wear that day.

    Her eyes are a deep forest green, and her hair is a dark hazel. She usually keeps it tied up while she’s baking to keep everything clean, but when she’s out she likes to let it flow down around her shoulders. She hardly ever wears make-up unless it is a special occasion, as she sees those products as unnatural. Her complexion is just shy of pale, but she does get a nice tan every now and then on the days she heads out to the beach.

    Personality: Belle is a very apologetic person, apologizing for almost everything she does. She tries her hardest to please everyone as much as possible, and hopes to make everyone an acquaintance, if not her very best friends. She practically radiates kindness, though it is mostly a shield, hiding her inner tragedy behind a screen of smiles.

    Though, truthfully, Belle is a gentle person and does her best to lead an honest life, even though her childhood was nothing short of horrendous. She makes up for the lack of love that was given to her by sending out what’s left to the others around her and casting off an aura of genuine caring.

    History: Belle grew up in a large far, far away from any sort of farming community. She attended school and lead a normal life on the outside, but at home was a different story. Her father was a drunkard, and spent more time unconscious then he did awake. So Belle’s mother, trying to see her husband’s drinking problem as just as phase and would pass, worked long, long hours at a small business downtown and was almost never home. She was trying to gather enough money to support three, and it was not easy on her own.

    In his conscious states, Belle’s father had fits of rage, and he would just storm through the house, taking out his frustration on anything in his path. Unfortunately, sometimes that thing was Belle, and she was beaten so much during her childhood she was pretty much scarred for life, in both the literal and figurative sense of the word. (Hope I used those words right. XD). Belle sustained many injuries, which included but not limited to, scars, bruises, cuts, and many different injuries. Belle’s mother was never there to do anything about it, but Belle never told her mother what about happened. When inquired about her numerous injuries over time, Belle always lied and said she had fallen or tripped and other mistakes like that.

    Belle grew up with a dark cloud over her, beaten constantly by her father. But she took an interest in cooking, and starting using as many excused as possible to stay out as much as possible until her mother arrived home. She took several cooking classes at school to develop her skills, and planned to be a culinary artist when she grew up. She especially enjoyed baking sweets, so her plan was to open her very own bakery as soon as she got out of her father’s dark hold.

    Belle turned 18, and despite her closeness to her mother, left and began traveling, trying to find the perfect place to settle down and use her limited funds to set up her own shop. She heard of this place Tierra Robada, and it needed desperate help or it would be torn down to make way for a resort. Belle didn’t think this right, so she moved in, buying herself a small place and hoping to find some sort of cooking, wherever it led her.

    To this day, Belle’s secret past still haunts her and terrorizes her dreams. She wishes she could find just one person to confide her inner pain to, and maybe, just maybe, the darkness inside her heart would relinquish.

    Relationships: Belle hasn’t made many friends, as she has just recently arrived in town, but she hopes to make friends with everyone.

    (Sorry about the short personality and the bulky history, I always find personalities to be so hard to fill out as they are easier to develop in the actual role-play, but I could go on for hours with a single history. XDD)

    And here's number two, yay!

    Name: Dirk Cresswell (This name sounds familiar to me, is this some character in a video game or something and I just happened to dream up the same name? If so, then please feel free to tell me and I’ll change it right away. XD)

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Occupation: Astronomer

    Appearance: Dirk’s hair is short, and jet-black colored. It’s usually hung in place by a pure white headband, modeled with a red star. His eyes are a peach color, and match his fair complexion.

    Dirk, when he’s not working, is usually found in a polo shirt, his favorite one being white with red stripes and a turned-down collar that hugs his just slightly-muscular frame, and a simple pair of jeans. He always keeps his favorite necklace hung on him, a gold chain with a silver, star figurine on it.

    When working, Dirk wears his traditional white lab coat with the deep, wide pockets and the symbol of three intertwined planets in the top-left corner. Dirk wears glasses while he’s working but his vision is slightly poor, but when he goes out he hardly ever wears them.

    Personality: Dirk leads a mostly isolated life, living in his small, cramped shack by himself. He almost prefers it this way, with no distractions to keep him from his work. But a part, a very small part deep down inside him, longs for just someone, just one person, that he could connect with and really pour out his life to.

    Dirk is very intelligent, almost to a point that he has become a social pariah. Most individuals that Dirk encounters usually feel inferior to him, and therefore avoid him, leaving him in the cold. But Dirk is somewhat normal, he eats, breathes, and sleeps just like a normal person. What was wrong with him? What was it about being intelligent that just separated you from the rest of the world?

    Most people think of Dirk as just some tightwad, spending hour after hour locked away in some laboratory. But he actually did normal things, he would go out grocery shopping, attend festivals, and go along on the occasional beach trip. Why were there so many absolute mental ideas about what scientists were like? Dirk hopes to change that; they aren’t freaks of nature. They were regular people…

    History: Dirk grew up, leading a relatively normal lifestyle. His father worked as a woodcutter and miner, and was rarely seen because he worked long, hard hours trying to provide for a wife and three children. Dirk’s mother stayed at home as a housewife, taking care of Dirk and his sister and brother. They weren’t exactly poor, but their living was affected by how well’s father had done in the mines that week; sometimes he struck it big and sometimes… he never really found anything.

    Dirk took an interest in astronomy, but was pushed by his parents to get a job in some manlier job, like what his father did. Whoever heard of a small town miner’s son becoming an astrologist? Half of the town had never even heard the word before.

    But Dirk was proud of his uniqueness, glad that he had found something different from what people today expected him to be. And it all started when Dirk bought his first, small telescope from scraps of money he found here and there. He peeked up in the sky and noticed a quick flash as a shooting star zoomed through the night sky, then vanish as it died away as quickly as it had come. He closed his eyes and wished. He wished he could do this for the rest of his life, the thing he admired… and loved.
    And that, boys and girls, is my super elbow drop.