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To Kazaam..,

Well.., since I'm just doing a remake of my previous hack.., I think I'm gonna stick with it, and I'm planning to add a little twist. =)

Oh and about the grass tiles.., well.., still doing some changes...

To ChiefsFan..,

I am really not good in scripting....., and so I just changed some things in this hack.., but I really scrambled the order of things...


But I'll add scripts when I'm done mapping and changing some things in Beta 1... After, I'll release a Beta with new scripts, hopefully...

Also, my hack does look like Ruby 'cause it's entitled "POKEMON RUBY DESTINY"... I'm just improving, and I wanna know if my first hack will be a great one. =)

I think I'm gonna stick with my old Dark Lugia sprite in my avatar.., since it took my three days to perfect it... =)


Uh.., I don't get what you meant by red and blue swap...

I don't quite get it...

Bill taco..,

I'll be releasing the Beta 1 after I'm done with the map changing in Beta 1 and when I added some scripts to twist and turn the events... Eheheh... I'm planning big, but I hope I can walk the talk... =3

Thanks for all your comments, guys!

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