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Originally Posted by RiderLeangle View Post
How do you put your script into your ROM hack anyways?

And again, Someone please tell me that this is a joke

Or is that just something like this

That can't be used (And if it is Nintendo should have givin it another name)
Okay on how to look at insert a script look at Irish Witch's tutorial. It's in Part 1. About the Hentaimag, I'm sick of seeing this question. It isn't in the game. To set things straight here is a full item list(No Hentaimag)
Put 0x__ infront
1 Master Ball
2 Ultra Ball
3 Great Ball
4 Poké Ball
5 Safari Ball
6 Net Ball
7 Dive Ball
8 Nest Ball
9 Repeat Ball
A Timer Ball
B Luxury Ball
C Premier Ball
D Potion
E Antidote
F Burn Heal
10 Ice Heal
11 Awakening
12 Parlyz Heal
13 Full Restore
14 Max Potion
15 Hyper Potion
16 Super Potion
17 Full Heal
18 Revive
19 Max Revive
1A Fresh Water
1B Soda Pop
1C Lemonade
1D Moomoo Milk
1E Energypowder
1F Energy Root
20 Heal Powder
21 Revival Herb
22 Ether
23 Max Ether
24 Elixir
25 Max Elixir
26 Lava Cookie
27 Blue Flute
28 Yellow Flute
29 Red Flute
2A Black Flute
2B White Flute
2C Berry Juice
2D Sacred Ash
2E Shoal Salt
2F Shoal Shell
30 Red Shard
31 Blue Shard
32 Yellow Shard
33 Green Shard
3F HP Up
40 Protein
41 Iron
42 Carbos
43 Calcium
44 Rare Candy
45 PP Up
46 Zinc
47 PP Max
49 Guard Spec.
4A Dire Hit
4B X Attack
4C X Defend
4D X Speed
4E X Accuracy
4F X Special
50 Poké Doll
51 Fluffy Tail
53 Super Repel
54 Max Repel
55 Escape Rope
56 Repel
5D Sun Stone
5E Moon Stone
5F Fire Stone
60 Thunderstone
61 Water Stone
62 Leaf Stone
67 Tinymushroom
68 Big Mushroom
6A Pearl
6B Big Pearl
6C Stardust
6D Star Piece
6E Nugget
6F Heart Scale
79 Orange Mail
7A Harbor Mail
7B Glitter Mail
7C Mech Mail
7D Wood Mail
7E Wave Mail
7F Bead Mail
80 Shadow Mail
81 Tropic Mail
82 Dream Mail
83 Fab Mail
84 Retro Mail
85 Cheri Berry
86 Chesto Berry
87 Pecha Berry
88 Rawst Berry
89 Aspear Berry
8A Leppa Berry
8B Oran Berry
8C Persim Berry
8D Lum Berry
8E Sitrus Berry
8F Figy Berry
90 Wiki Berry
91 Mago Berry
92 Aguav Berry
93 Iapapa Berry
94 Razz Berry
95 Bluk Berry
96 Nanab Berry
97 Wepear Berry
98 Pinap Berry
99 Pomeg Berry
9A Kelpsy Berry
9B Qualot Berry
9C Hondew Berry
9D Grepa Berry
9E Tamato Berry
9F Cornn Berry
A0 Magost Berry
A1 Rabuta Berry
A2 Nomel Berry
A3 Spelon Berry
A4 Pamtre Berry
A5 Watmel Berry
A6 Durin Berry
A7 Belue Berry
A8 Liechi Berry
A9 Ganlon Berry
AA Salac Berry
AB Petaya Berry
AC Apicot Berry
AD Lansat Berry
AE Starf Berry
AF Enigma Berry
B3 Brightpowder
B4 White Herb
B5 Macho Brace
B6 Exp. Share
B7 Quick Claw
B8 Soothe Bell
B9 Mental Herb
BA Choice Band
BB King's Rock
BC Silverpowder
BD Amulet Coin
BE Cleanse Tag
BF Soul Dew
C0 Deepseatooth
C1 Deepseascale
C2 Smoke Ball
C3 Everstone
C4 Focus Band
C5 Lucky Egg
C6 Scope Lens
C7 Metal Coat
C8 Leftovers
C9 Dragon Scale
CA Light Ball
CB Soft Sand
CC Hard Stone
CD Miracle Seed
CE Blackglasses
CF Black Belt
D0 Magnet
D1 Mystic Water
D2 Sharp Beak
D3 Poison Barb
D4 Nevermeltice
D5 Spell Tag
D6 Twistedspoon
D7 Charcoal
D8 Dragon Fang
D9 Silk Scarf
DA Up-grade
DB Shell Bell
DC Sea Incense
DD Lax Incense
DE Lucky Punch
DF Metal Powder
E0 Thick Club
E1 Stick
FE Red Scarf
FF Blue Scarf
100 Pink Scarf
101 Green Scarf
102 Yellow Scarf
103 Mach Bike
104 Coin Case
105 Itemfinder
106 Old Rod
107 Good Rod
108 Super Rod
109 S.S. Ticket
10A Contest Pass
10C Wailmer Pail
10D Devon Goods
10E Soot Sack
10F Basement Key
110 Acro Bike
111 PokéBlock Case
112 Letter
113 Eon Ticket
114 Red Orb
115 Blue Orb
116 Scanner
117 Go-goggles
118 Meteorite
119 Rm. 1 Key
11A Rm. 2 Key
11B Rm. 4 Key
11C Rm. 6 Key
11D Storage Key
11E Root Fossil
11F Claw Fossil
120 Devon Scope
121 TM01
122 TM02
123 TM03
124 TM04
125 TM05
126 TM06
127 TM07
128 TM08
129 TM09
12A TM10
12B TM11
12C TM12
12D TM13
12E TM14
12F TM15
130 TM16
131 TM17
132 TM18
133 TM19
134 TM20
135 TM21
136 TM22
137 TM23
138 TM24
139 TM25
13A TM26
13B TM27
13C TM28
13D TM29
13E TM30
13F TM31
140 TM32
141 TM33
142 TM34
143 TM35
144 TM36
145 TM37
146 TM38
147 TM39
148 TM40
149 TM41
14A TM42
14B TM43
14C TM44
14D TM45
14E TM46
14F TM47
150 TM48
151 TM49
152 TM50
153 HM01
154 HM02
155 HM03
156 HM04
157 HM05
158 HM06
159 HM07
15A HM08
15D Oak's Parcel
15E Poké Flute
15F Secret Key
160 Bike Voucher
161 Gold Teeth
162 Old Amber
163 Card Key
164 Lift Key
165 Helix Fossil
166 Dome Fossil
167 Silph Scope
168 Bicycle
169 Town Map
16A VS Seeker
16B Fame Checker
16C TM Case
16D Berry Pouch
16E Teachy TV
16F Tri-pass
170 Rainbow Pass
171 Tea
172 Mysticticket
173 Auroraticket
174 Powder Jar
175 Ruby
176 Sapphire