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Originally Posted by OmegaGroudon View Post
I downloaded the APE and tried it. I cant import ".pal" pallete...When I import, it says "...Occur when importing pallete..." or " Runtime Error...."
Well, ".pal" files are not all the sames, even if they have the same extesion. But, as the program tell you, when importing/exporting a palette you can choose the "PaintShop Palette". What you loaded is not a PaintShop Palette, obviously. I guess you exported that .pal file from VBA, isn't it? Well, export the palette again as a PaintShop format and then import it on APE.

Originally Posted by ebcellis View Post
Heya m8 gr8 stuff anychance of you doing a map editor thanks :D
Why I should make a map editor where there is AM already? :P

Originally Posted by SilverPlatinum View Post
Thanks for the tools! I never would have found out some of them without you. get more in the future
You're welcome! :)

Originally Posted by JoyRide View Post
When I use your UnLZ Gameboy to change a pokemons sprite its all messed up. How do I fix this from happening?

Edit -
I saw your video and I understand why you get the error... You simply unchecked the "Auto abort" option and you imported a really big sprite ovewriting some important data. Also, remember that when you import something it has to be the same dimensions (width/height) as the original one. And when it say that's too big, instead of simply unchecking the Auto abort option, repoint the image in some place full of FFs.

Originally Posted by Dark Empoleon View Post
Hmmm all these tools are great but, will you be adding 2nd Gen tools? Cause' I need a 2nd Gen map editor and overworld sprite editor.

@JoyRide The same thing happens to me when I change the trainer sprite, when i view it on the trainer card its leg is like screwed up.
Well, since I hack the Advance generation, probably I won't make any 2nd generation tools. Also, for a 2nd gen map/graphics editor google GoldMap or ask in the Simple Questions thread.
Regarding the second question, see my answer above.
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