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Stop writing! I can't keep up with you! D:

Just joking, don't stop ;d

Originally Posted by zel View Post
Do you plan to change the overworlds as well?
Yes, some of them.
Originally Posted by Mithos Kid View Post
Really nice, if you need any testers just call me xD

are those fakemon from scratch? they look amazing.
Not all, there are some fusions too.
Originally Posted by BlackDragonite View Post
Man, you´ra such a genius as Einstein
Did you create all the fakemon by yourself??? (They´re the best I´ve seen!!!)
Not all, friends helped me.
Originally Posted by mackoo View Post
Concorde - you forgot about giving link to Dex !
Right, stupid me _^_ Fakedex added.
Also a new banner/userbar thingy. All in the first post.
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