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    Originally Posted by BlackDragonite View Post
    The fakes look amazing!!!
    But some of them look like already existing Pokémon or other things.
    -Nr. 125 looks like a Monster from Duel Masters (I think it was Frey)
    -Nr.36 is a Eevee style Pokémon (I would say this is supposed to be so)
    -Nr. 13 reminds me on Ho-oh
    -Nr.140 reminds me on smth, but I don´t know what it is...
    And what the heck is nr 18?

    But they still look awesome
    Um, it's an egg...sorta.
    ...and yeah, number 152 is based on Kyubi from Naruto " Yay for four paws!
    Originally Posted by jj_olli View Post
    I just found out sth Kyle and Stan will tell ya

    Stan: Oh, no! Concorde has killed Pikachu!!!
    Kyle: You B******!!!

    So for Kyle and Stan could you please revive Pikachu in yor Hack?
    I don't mix fakemon with existing monsters, it just looks weird for me. But no matter in the hack or not, Pikachu is nonstop cute
    Originally Posted by BlazikenMaster2000 View Post
    So when do you expect the game to be out for people to play?
    I don't know yet. The worst thing, school starts soon D:
    Originally Posted by Madina Lake View Post

    I made that banner. Hope you like it 8D
    I will make a couple more from the screen shots involving Lugia.
    But I couldn't find any space to type, "supporter" into the banner.
    Nice one, I like it. And with my favourite monster (that's why it's in the intro xD)
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