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    Originally Posted by ChiefsFan View Post
    Just a quick question... I know you (Zel) said you were going to keep it like the original as much as possible, but is there any way for you to change some of the Gym Leaders Pokemon? I remember being annoyed at how few Johto Pokemon were used. In the first 8 Johto Gyms only 5/6 Johto Pokemon were used. It wouldn't be hard to give Falkner a Hoothoot and a Natu or Bugsy a Spinarak, Ledyba and Yanma afterall. Thanks Zel!
    Well, the normal version sticks to the original, while the "X" version has many changes, not only using a few more Johto Pokemon, but also using a few Hoenn pokes as well.

    Originally Posted by MysticManyula View Post
    Hey Zel, will be there second time to beat the E4 like in FR? You know what is it, the E4's Pokemon and levels has changed after you give the two gems to a guy. Will that happen in SG too?
    Yes, there will be a 2nd wave, that's for sure.

    Originally Posted by GalaxyTurboTwister View Post
    Will the trick house and the phone booth be available in beta 5,or will they be in a later beta?
    Yes, both features will be in B5.

    Originally Posted by Kingdom Hearts Maniac View Post
    Zel have you found out how to make the legendary dogs appear yet? If not I have a suggestion.
    I have an idea already (not to make them run wild, but it's something... similar...)

    Originally Posted by garfieldlover94 View Post
    Would it be possible to use the RSE Elite four music instead of the gym leader music for the champion. It is so much cooler. I can make a .wav with vba and convert it into a midi (once I can convert) If you know anybody who can please let me know. I will just record it for half an hour.
    Well, we cannot change the BGM of the battles (it would change also the Gym battles BGM, not only the E4 battles), although you never know...

    I'm done with the Routes, and I'm at Fuchsia. Once I'm done with that (and also finished the scripts of the Phone Booths), I'll start posting screenshots. As you can imagine this time the Beta will be shorter than before (to release it a bit earlier and to have less bugs)

    Hmmm... That's all I had...

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