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    Originally Posted by blue
    So um..what do you have to do to join?
    Instructions for joining are in that really long paragraph that opened the thread

    Thanks for offering your services, 003! I could really use the help of someone as enthusiastic as you are in building a great website and magazine. As far the photoshop stuff goes, that might be a lot of work; we need a picture to divide each anime section, not to mention each genre. And the more anime people add, the more work that'll be added. But if you want to do it, I'd be very happy to let you. That was one of our biggest problems right there.

    I'll look up some info on the anime you suggested and see if they're alright. I have seen Blood the Last Vampire, though, and as long as its not rated R, I think it'll be ok. See, my principle says that there is a strict rule that nothing R can be shown in school; but that doesn't mean we can't cover it in our website and magazine (at least, I hope not).

    And if any of you guys are interested in looking up info (like little known facts about anime, how to contact voice actors and directors, when new anime is coming out, stuff like that), the help would be greatly appreciated. The other officers are more concerned about taking their summer break than they are about getting this ready by the time school starts up again, so I'm really the only one doing much work on it right now. And, though I can't say for sure, I might be able to give you guys special positions, if you're willing to work . When everything's up and running, I'm expecting there to be a lot of fanworks submitted (though currently there are only a handful of authors and writers), and I might need help going through everything and editting it (not only am I the president of the club, I'm also the editor of the magazine and website). There's also a lot of material everyone wants covered that is hard for me to do by myself.

    If anyone else is interested in helping out, these are the tasks I'm working on now;
    Finding Pokemon Housou (Hoso?) episodes
    Finding Japanese translators
    Making the art for the website (I think 003 might have that covered)
    Thinking of creative names for the awards for the fanworks (I.E best in horror section, Most Horror-able)
    Thinking of fundraisers
    Finding out how to put video downloads on the website
    Contacting Voice actors for interviews (already contacted Eric Stuart, Crispin Freeman, Veronica Taylor; Only Eric Stuart has replied)
    Contacting Directors of Anime (either dub directors or original directors, which might be hard)
    Finding magazine paper for cheaper than retail (MUCH cheaper; the cheapest paper I've found was 20$ for 100 sheets)
    Contacting people like 4kids and asking their permission to show their shows (so that we don't get sued)
    Finding other hard-to-find Japanese media, like songs, radio dramas, japanese versions of anime that are dubbed.

    There's probably more, but I can't think of them right now.

    Oh, almost forgot. I'm not really sure what a webstation is,003. You'd probably have to ask the webmistress about that. I'll have to ask her if I can post her e-mail here, though if I can, I can't promise she'll respond. Like I said before, this isn't really her top priority right now.

    Here's some websites I've found helpful; - French search engine. But you may have to know a little french to use it. Helpful though. I think they have more anime translated over there -searches through google, lycos, all the major search engines - supposedly has some Housou downloads. I couldn't get to them. Kept encountering errors. Maybe you guys will have more luck. They should be under TELECHARGEMENT, which means downlaod(s) in French. (click on LISTE DE TELECHARGEMANT) general info on just about any tv series you can think of. There's also a, I think.

    And, oni, I talked to the other officers, and we agreed to add full metal alchemist to the list. Wow, this turned out a lot longer than I intended. Sorry about that, guys, hope I didn't bore you