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    (i know im new don't laugh :p) Whew! zel is back! Havent been on your thred for a while and though you just gave up! haha. Anyways. I found this helpful yet annoying glich that goes as follows: If you use a pokemon center in mahogany and teleport you'll warp to blackthorn and vise versa! XD. Another one is in the latest version (may just be me though) When i use the pokemon center on the road to union cave al the coulers go wankey and the word back appears in the corner and my psp gba emulator resets! Kinda strange huh.. One more thing (before i melt a hole in your brain from these statements) You know the old "bills secret garden" mith? You should put that in if you ever have a chance and make it available after you beat the elete four 20 times or something XD

    Sorry its so long dude PS: I dont concider your hack a hack anymore, Its now a full MOD! lol.
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