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    Originally Posted by oli25 View Post
    Maybe you will show us some screens from Safari Zone when you will finish it So will there be any events, Like in R/B/Y ? Or only catching rare pokemons ? And will there be Safari Balls, Throw and Bait command ?
    RBY had events at the S.Zone? (other than getting a few items there wasn't anything else there) Anyway, Ard will be taking part of the S.Zone, but there's no battle this time, he's busy looking for another Bug for his party.
    Outside of the S.Zone, well, that's another story because... meh, not willing to spoil the whole event

    Originally Posted by *~*TwiLiTeDaRkRai*~* View Post
    Hi Zel!

    I wonder when you are gona post screenshots....

    Ok Good luck! With the hack!

    See you!
    I'm at my First Goal, yes, but I need to finish it, and believe it or not, I'm still stuck at Fuchsia (I'll mention a bit more about my status at the end of this post)

    Originally Posted by newblue View Post
    Zel I have a question. Are you going to do anything with the Ruins of Alph? I mean the researchers, how they gave you the Unown Dex in Gold. You could make them give you Hidden Power TM or... whatever. Its your hack I guess.
    Nah... I'm still lazy to do something about the ruins (I also want to work a bit on the FR ruins so I use those maps so any kind of Unown can be found... Of course, no Unowndex, 'cause there isn't a feature like that on FR... Guess those researchers don't have too much importance on SG than in Gold, but, oh well, they'll be the way they are)

    About releasing screenshots, I first want to at least, finish the mapping of the Safari Zone (I got carried away by the events at Fuchsia's Gym, and a little rematch with someone), so I didn't start the remapping there. Guess I'll finish it tomorrow. After finishing that (which finishes Fuchsia), I want to start the implementation of the Phone system, so I can then show you how it'll work. After that, I'll map the Trick House, and with all that I think I have enough to start showing screenshots.
    That's how everything is planned. There's many stuff to take care of before starting the next phases, so it'll take some time.

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