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Originally Posted by Marz View Post
Awesome zel, you're working on Fuchsia city. Just too bad Uni's started again. xD;

But a few questions on Fuchsia City...
Disregarding that Uni's started again, would Fuchsia City be taking more time then the average city to complete? I remember you telling me that the Safari Zone is going to be quite something, and with that having to be mapped, scripted and all those things you do, would you be taking out events in Fuchsia City like with rivals and such? I would imagine so.
Although, if you do decide to take events out of Fuchsia City, maybe you could put some on Route 14? (I know you've already finished Route 14, but you could always go back. xD)

Just a suggestion~ Keep at it, bud.
wouldn't he just have to remap it a little bit? Fire red all ready has the safari zone in it. he just has to change it a little bit for the three years since B/R. i think?

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