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    It's on foxbox? Don't know why I haven't seen it then... Is it new or something? Hmmm...Well, I'll see if I can find out what time it shows in my area, and I'll check into it. I don't know about you guys, but the only anime channels available to me are cartoon network and kids wb. I remember reading about an Anime Network that you could get if you had satellite telivision...that sounded cool.

    So, has anyone found anything of interest? I found a person in France who has the two team rocket housou pokemon specials. She's/He's going to e-mail me once they fix the links on the website that allow you to download them. I'll keep you up to date on this subject. I also sent off the interview questions for Eric Stuart this afternoon. I'll let you guys know when I get them back.

    One more thing; Oni, your the only one so far who hasn't chosen a username. Would you like to just use "Oni Flygon"?