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    Originally Posted by Amachi View Post
    Let up on the harsh comments Purfugly, or you're going to get a warning k? When commenting, be more constructive.

    Edit: on second thoughts, I'm gonna give you a warning for this.
    Um.. excuse me? I thought telling someone how to improve was constructive. Maybe you should get a better grasp on things like this before you start handing out random warnings to people. ;D

    Originally Posted by KingOfClubs View Post
    Thanks Amachi, and BTW, I didn't even copy and paste into this thread. I use an [img] code. And to anyone else who's eyes start bleeding from looking at these, go make you own and stare at them.
    I was referring to how your fusions look like two separate Pokemon instead of an actual fusion of the Pokemon.

    Oh no, some negative feedback comes along and.... it's all the sudden known as flaming! No. There will be people who don't like your works, and you'll just have to deal with it.
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