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Well everyone, say hello to shiny #23...I think.

Shiny Lickitung.

I got it around 30 minutes ago, actually, on a chain of 40. I only got one () because my chain broke while I was resetting for more. I would've gotten more, but after I as the IVs on this thing, I decided that I didn't need anymore.

Brave (Thank you, fainted Abra)
HP: 20-22
Atk: 31
Def: 13-14
SAtk: 16-17
SDef: 2
Speed: 11

I already know what EVs and moveset to give it, too. I'm not quite sure what my next PokeRadar target will be...

Sorry, I don't have any pics right now. My phone is dead. However, I'm willing to wait (it is at level 35 because I used a Rare Candy to get more exact IVs) if you guys want a pic of a shiny Lickintung.

Edit: This was not my secret target. It just so happened that Lickitung was swarming today, and I wanted a shiny one. I will try to get my secret target before returning to soft resetting.

Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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