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Well guys, I'm now engaged on an endless hunt for shiny Absol. After forever, I finally got a swarm of them in my game, and I got it so that the swarm will go on forever. I did this by saving my game on my Phat with the Absol swarm in effect, then switched back to my new Lite to work on the chain. Provided that I don't save my game, it will continue to think I've just changed systems and not cycle the swarms as usual.

Previously, I described this sort of thing as "shifty, but acceptable", but after all this time, I've earned an Absol. And it's not like it's suddenly super easy. I'm also quite starved for spare time with my crappy job and all.

I'll let Yami take care of all these crazy dudes claiming to have wads of shinies with no explanations for them, because he actually has a clue what's going on.

Aside from Absol, I'm starting on box #17 of Chikorita. Since I moved to Emerald, I haven't seen one with flawless Speed yet. And HP won't crop up randomly either. I've switched out my triple flawless WO male breeder for a QI with flawless HP in the hopes of hatching a flawless HP Bold female and switching back to my main male breeder. If I could get a triple flawless WO female with two of those flawlesses being HP and Speed, I'd quit it with these boxes and just release the Chikos from my party.
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