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Hey everyone, sorry for not being on for a while. I have been getting so much homework, and its only been a few days of school x.x Congrats to everyone who got a new shiny, and welcome new members :D

Last night.....was awesome!! I got all of the way to a 40 chain of Spoink, it took about an hour. Then i started resetting. Only 10 minutes later, there was the shiny patch I ran right to it, but my repel wore off before i could make it So i used another repel, and walked into the patch. I was afraid i was going to break the chain () or be a different pokemon, but atleast still shiny(because of the repel) But it didn't break! As it went across the screen, i saw that it was shiny, and i jumped up and down for about 2 minutes, lol. I threw a Pokeball, and i only shook once. Two pokeballs later, i decided to use an Ultra Ball. And i got it! As the chain continued, i reset for another 15 minutes, and i saw another shiny patch, yay me! I caught this one with a repeat ball, because it looked cool Then he hard part came. Trying to break the chain. I only wanted 2 shinies, but it just wouldn't break! I walked into the wrong patches on purpose, even going to patches that were above my head. After a while, i was at 53. I thought to myself, why not just try to get to 100? So i reset, and there was another shiny patch! I caught the 3rd Spoink with a Quick Ball, didn't nickname this one either. So the chain continued, until it broke at 71. Ending with 3 shinies :D I will check the natures later, i am going to see what my swarm for today is right now. Good luck to everyone

P.S. Sorry for making the post so long :/

P.S.S. That would be cool FuFu, good luck with your hunting!
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