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Mithos Kid:
Hey Mithos, you'll have to wait until a co-owner accepts you but in the mean time, mind telling us about your shinies?

Hi Zack, nice to see you. I'm doing fine. Hmm I think I have a stray Modest Snorunt in my box (don't know IVs) but that's about it. I would be happy to IV breed for you but I'm stuck in Emerald next to an emo birdy. :<

Aww happy early birthday buddy eee. *hugs and gives cookies* 8D
I really hope you do get her on your birthday. I tried getting a shiny Giratina on my birthday but I failed but meh, I'm a walking unlucky ball of uhh... cookies cough. Gold is the best gift and you deserve the best. ;3

Edit: ZOMG I'm so slow.
~*OliverTwist*~: Congrats on the Spoinks. Lol it's fine; we're all busy with life too.
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