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Mmm yeah thanks God for the rigged looking IVs too. 10/6/16/16/12/12. I'm nicknamng him Devil or Demon sorta since Lugia was called Angel but this bird makes meh lyk want to cut myself. And my mother won't give me the camera since "Pokemon" is a bunch of wasted bull and that I shouldn't prove myself to a bunch of 8 year olds and she made me cry only cuz I'm a decade from that. D: She can go crawl in her grave for that. :/

Ok Zack.. Glalie isn't isn't exactly mine and is a bit of a pinhead if you catch my drift. Still should produce nice babies for you. Btw, your Gardy isn't too hot herself... Jess 05240 is hacked. :x

Mithos, you need at get 30 posts. Or perhaps suck up to a co-owner but that won't help.

Ah yes, don't I just look like a troll here. Nah just peed on myself maybe aha 8D. Sorry.
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