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Originally Posted by foullump View Post
Hey cool you finally made a thread! Or maybe it's been here a while... I don't really know since I've been away from pc for a while... Maybe I can finally get my thread up.... Anyways, judging by the screenshots, it looks like you've made quite a bit of progress since the last time I saw. Good job! And by the way, nice title screen! Oh, and why not put a thread up on ncraze?
I've never heard that much about NCraze until you showed us that in your signature. Is that a good hacking community, too?

Now, on topic...
Has anything been changed, LAZ?
I gave 'ya that sprite sheet, I'd like to see some of my stuff over there, too.
They're pretty much all reposes, but they give touches of originality, too.

Nice job, keep it up!