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    Originally Posted by ChiefsFan View Post
    I don't suppose anyone would be able to help me with...

    #org $go
    trainerbattle 1 0x15F $before $after
    boxset 6

    #org $before
    $before 1 = Hmmmm...\nSo this is Sylvia's house?\pHey! Who are you!?

    #org $after
    $after 1 = I can't believe I lost to you! Boss\nwon't be happy... I'd better get out\pof here...

    This script isn't the problem but I can't seem to change it to my liking.

    1) I want the Grunt to say "Hmmmm... So this is Sylvia's house?" without turning to face you
    2) I want him to then face you and say "Hey! Who are you!?"
    3) I want a battle to start (already in)
    4) After defeating the grunt I want him to say "I can't believe I lost to a kid!"
    5) After the battle screen exits I want him to say "Arrghh... Boss won't be happy. I'd better get out of here..."
    6) I then want the screen to flash and i want the Grunt to be gone. I also want two other Grunts to disappear from another map.

    Can anyone help? Foullumps tutorial (nor IrishWitch's) mentions the above! Thanks!

    Locka and faceplayer aren't the problem with your script. For all of the extra things that you want I'd say use trigger events.
    That should help with the grunt looking at you at the right time. And for stuff to happen after the battle, you need to use
    trainerbattle 1 0x001 $before $after $further
    #org $further
    message $the
    boxset 6
    (whatever else you wasnt to happen)