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Originally Posted by Kenji-kun View Post
Image Tags
[img]URL of image here[/img]
Thats about it. Just upload them to imageshack or something, and copy the url. (if you use imageshack, don't use the "Forums" code. It doesn't work as well.)

For a first, very good.

Saving as a JPEG is a bad idea. PNG always. (Or GIF, if you know what you're doing.)

I like the pokeballs behind them. Fabulous. xD

Text, Background, everything else is wonderful. ^__^
yeah what he said and also u need to have 15+ post to post lnks to pics

Typhlosion used Solarbeam!
Regirock lost 100% of its health!
Regirock used Rockslide!
Typhlosion lost 101% of its health!
J-Rad's Typhlosion fainted!
Teh_Pie_Knight wins!
This actualy happened to me when battleing my friend...
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