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    Originally Posted by Zowayix View Post
    Um...does this mean that you won't be able to continue from your beta4 save, because you would still have the vs. seeker and that would cause problems?
    I'll repoint many Johto and Pokemon Center maps (the PC because it's something I'm doing to fix one of the causes of the shiny glitch), so it'll be better to play the next Beta from the start...
    ...Don't get too attached to your Pokémon, as I always say

    Originally Posted by garfieldlover94 View Post
    and Zel hasnt been on in a while. Is there maybe a paper or big project?
    In fact, it's just that my Uni has taken over my Tuesdays and Wednesdays fully, so I'm not able to connect those two days. Just wait for me the other days (I'll update with this information in my "Zel's Status" section, anyway)

    Originally Posted by john55 View Post
    By any chance will there be a return of the S.S. Anne possibly in vermillion or olivine?
    Well, Aqua is the one taking place in the world of Gold, so that's the one you'll be seeing in SG also. But, oh, I was thinking of spoiling something, but better not...

    Originally Posted by Metakazam View Post
    I have a question is it just as rare to find a shiny in Shiny Gold as it is in Fire or Red Leaf Green because I caught a shiny hoppip after only 2 hours of gameplay is that just luck or or is there a higher chance of finding one?
    You got pretty lucky, though in the older thread I think someone found a shiny right as the first wild Pokemon (too bad I've played like a million hours and all I have are two shinies... three, but Gyarados really counts? XD)

    Originally Posted by PoisonMaster13 View Post
    Uhh hi i heard by looking at past forums that you can get every pokemon in this game, if so dose anyone know how to get bulbsuar see it's my favprote pokemon(next to crobat) and i would really like to get one so if anyone knows how that would be great....
    You heard semi-correctly. You WILL be able to get every Pokemon, but, since the game is not complete yet, you cannot obtain all of them just yet. But, for your information...
    Yes, Bulba's gonna be in the next one! :D

    Originally Posted by porkplan View Post
    HI, about the shiny pokemon glitch,
    After I caught the Red Gyarados (female gender) , every Pokemon becomes shiny including trainer's pokemon, wild pokemon becomes shiny and female.. i hate this glitch so is there a way to remove it? i tried to load my previous game and catch it again but still pokemon became shiny... i tried to release it but it didnt change.. pls help me i hate everything shiny... btw i caught gyarados i didnt lose...
    I think the real reason for the shiny glitch (outside of the losing case) was residing in the warp command taking place in order to "erase" the Gyarados from the Lake (I found that if you pressed a button in the middle of the warp moment, that truncated the rest of the script and the callasm command didn't get executed). So, since I removed the warp I think everything will be better now (it's more crappy without the warp in my opinion, but if it fixes the problem, who cares, right?)

    By the way, pressing buttons in the middle of an event warp is pretty baaaad... If anyone knows if there's a way to disable the use of buttons during a warp, PM me (meanwhile, avoid pressing buttons like mad if there's a warp getting executed)

    Originally Posted by girifarig View Post
    I'm pretty sure Zel wrote over the S.S. Anne maps for the S.S. aqua maps. so I don't think that the S.S. Anne will be making any comebacks
    Yes, that's right.

    Originally Posted by garfieldlover94 View Post
    I always hate to tell people this but it's gotta be said, you may have patched to a bad rom or had a cheat on in the emulator that you forgot to turn off. also something i noticed is that if you are west of the cut tree near Mr. Pokemon's house it is not there but if you walk up to the east it is, if you walk over it still isn't there but if you go in and out of his house it will be there.
    Yes, I knew about it already, but thanks anyway.

    Well, I'm a bit short of time, but I've finished a big part of the phone booth script (the one where you talk with your contacts, except Mom and Elm, since they tell lots of stuff depending on the moment, but they are easier to script, because all they do is checking a flag, and saying something. It won't take long) I must now modify each rematch trainers' scripts, because they'll no longer need to check if the vs-seeker is getting used. I think it'll be shorter than the phone's script.
    Meanwhile, I'll be making a video to show how you can talk with the other trainers, but I'll be doing that tomorrow.

    That's all I had. Yep.

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