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Originally Posted by ChiefsFan View Post
Thanks tttt! I did everything like you said and it worked great! EXCEPT! How do I make the grunt disapear? I use setflag 0x200 and it works. but only If I leave the map. Otherwise the grunt stays where he is and if I talk to him the game crashes...
There are two ways in which i know that this can be done, you can either use
applymovement <people no.> $move
#org $move
$move 1 ; #binary 0x60 0x(move him to a place he cant be interacted with) 0xFE

and there is this way which, I haven't tried yet. This was a way that HackMew posted in the script discussion thread.
#raw 53
#raw XX
#raw 00

Just change XX to the people number(in hex).
Just add either of these into the $further part of the script.