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Originally Posted by Concorde View Post
zel - I didn't thought about it, hey! Why not, but I'm not sure it's possible xd

Uh? ._.
One IMPORTANT thing about all the characters (not including E4 leader, hehe). All designs ARE NOT MINE! So don't blame me of this like above -.-
Second IMPORTANT thing - about scripts. I pay attention more on pokemon. Look for example at Quartz - there are 386 fake monsters, but no new scripts - only edited these old. And? You can see how cool it is. But who said I can't learn scripting, hah?
And third, last IMPORTANT thing - the name. I didn't want next title looking like "[random stone/mineral/etc.] Version". I wanted to try something...unusual ;d Changing it would be pain now.
im not saying its bad and also im not blaming you >_< im just saying the girl sprite looks alot better
pokemon battle fire Legend Of Dragons and rockets revenge look BEAUTIFUL