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    Ah. I'll improvise for the time being. Once again I apologise for sounding like a complete and utter n00b. Anyway now that my questions have passed I will give you my thoughts on your Battle System, and all the other Scripts that came along with it.

    Upon Startup, I really like the naming system, I found it allot more reliable then the one found in Blizzy's starter kit. It is more quicker and picks up the keys pressed instantly. The Custom Menu System shows much potential, the only thing that needs improving is the Pokemon menu, as you've probaly been told time and time again. It dosen't fit in well with the Fire Red/Leaf Green graphics.

    Last but not least I shall share with you what I thought of your Custom Battle System. The Custom Battle System is...WOW, simply WOW. You have done an incredible job with creating it, you are by far one of the best Ruby scripters out there. It's easy to edit, and extremely reliable. I think that is not far from perfect.

    I can't wait to see what the future holds for your Project/

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