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    Since I had nothing better to do today I decide I'd come up with a story myself. Here goes:


    Hiro (name to be changed) is a 10 year old (age to be changed) boy (gender can be changed) with a passion for Pokemon. One day he goes exploring a tall mountain range with his Pokemon. When he reaches the top he sees a legendary mythical Pokemon (a new one, similar to Mewtwo). Through sheer amazement at seeing such a rare and powerful Pokemon, Hiro runs towards the Pokemon. Hiro startles the Pokemon thus causing it to lash out and attack with a beam. The beam knocks Hiro flying off the summit and landing far below. A group of trainers finds him and takes him back to his home town. When he wakes up he has amnesia and doesn't remember anything except the mythical Pokemon he witnessed. He makes it his aim to return to the mountain summit and get closer to the Pokemon. The police however, who do not want the same incident to occur again, have put security at the bottom of the mountain and only trainers that have proved their strengths and ability to handle powerful Pokemon by defeating the Elite 4 can enter the mountain. Thus, Hiro sets off on his journey to collect all the gym badges and defeat the Elite 4 and return to the mountain and capture the Pokemon. The story of the mythical Pokemon being spotted attracted the attention of Team Rocket (name to be changed) who makes it their objective to capture the Pokemon to front their mission to conquer the world (mission objective to be changed). This makes it your goal to thwart Team Rocket's plans and achieve your own goal.