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Originally Posted by Minorthreat0987 View Post
this is really good.

but does anyone know how to make a pokemon choice event like the real game.

Like if you choose Cyndaquil, you get the pokemon cyndaquil, but if you choose Totodile, you get the pokemon totodile instead.


The systems for this are virtually flawless, good job poccil. =]
You know what, I'll upload a demo with that in a couple of days. Trust me, it's EASY. All you have to do is make it like the one on FR/LG, instead of attempting DP/RS style ones. What you do is you make three events (give them Pokeballs for graphics), and when the player presses enter on them, they display a picture of, say, bulbasaur (edited with its frame), then they ask a message like "So you want the Grass Pokemon, Bulbasaur?" and then give you a choice of "Yes" or "No". Then, if they say yes, you use the script function to actually give them the Pokemon.

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