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    Originally Posted by wolfie1177 View Post
    But I think they should have at least made an effort to keep him for maybe 1 more game. At the very least I hope Phoenix makes a guest appearance or two in Apollo's first game, it could be a bit of a shock to have him depart completely from the series just like that.
    What are you saying Capcom kept Megaman for 6 games and they kept Zero for 4 games. Capcom is just getting bored of him finger pointing. The next bit regards the 4th game and maybe a spoiler but you kinda mentioned it.
    Phoenix Wright is now working in a bar as a pianist,(the 4th game is 7-8years after Trials and Tribulations)he is acused of murdering a man with a bottle of wine(smashed on skull)after losing a poker game and Apollo Is called to be his Defence Attorney for his first trial.

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