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Let me explain, we are making two battle systems; one for the public, and one for us. We are making game, but it has no name yet.. We still have no storyline and graphic suggestions for the main character. Since it is related to this and we all post here then why not talk about the next stage after the battle system has been completed?
We can't make a new thread because we are not ready yet, to prevent spamming and creating useless topics we just save space by posting relevent stuff here.

I like the idea about several storylines (like mini-quests) but I think you should be able to choose your own storyline by the things you want to do. Like have several possibilities and choices every now and then to decide what you end up doing.. Eg. storyline where you fight the legendary sea pokemon by talking to/battling with sailors etc. Or storyline where you train up to fight the elite four(five?(six?))
Whatever.. You know what I'm talking about?

Pokemon Indigo League is a re-creation of the original Pokemon TV series in game form