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Originally Posted by JOOra View Post
I'm liking the phone booth ideia, but isn't it a bit too much two in the same screen?
I think only one per city would be enough, but it's ur hack....
Keep it up!
Well, Goldenrod is a big city, don't you think it would be reasonable to have more than one phone booth there? (yeah, all of them have the same effect, anyway)

Originally Posted by shinygoldash View Post
sorry zel. i got a bit carried away.can i help u.i have played every game so i could tell u some ideas through pm ing. could u tell me if u would like to have me as a helper.shiny gold rocks

No, I don't need any help for now. I'll ask when I do.

Originally Posted by sebbe17 View Post
Great hack zel, i relly cant belive that i have been reading like the 175 last pages of shiny golds forum, Shiny gold is the reason to i join this plase, so keep up, and your new tiltle i locking great!!!
175 pages... Hmmm... Close to the >200 that I had to read for the FAQs in this thread's first post

Originally Posted by martauros View Post
Yes, the same problem happens to me! Zel, maby when you'll enter 6 or 7 letters name, the game will cut it (makes 2 letters shorter). I had Marcin, and when I saved and load the game, it cuts it to "marn":\
I'm sure that it must be some problem in the rom you are using, but... who knows? It's still a mystery to me...

Originally Posted by Vincent11998 View Post
When this glitch happened,I went to Goldenrod City and talked to this Pokemon Name Rater and than my name changed.
Name Rater causes the problem...? Confirmations Anyone?

Originally Posted by pokebreederzero View Post
I started working on a Locations Pokedex for this game yesterday. I wonder if Zel will let me post it if it ever gets finished, or if he wants to keep the location of rare Hoenn Pokemon a secret? I've only found 4 different ones so far (Poochyena, Wingull, Nincada, and Zigzagoon) but I intend to keep trying until I find them all.
Yeah, if you want to do it, go ahead and give me a link when you are finished.

Well, for the "Trainer Class" assignation to Silver, remember, it's related to the BGM for him. If it's possible to change the BGM that will be played for the trainer to be battled (most likely ASM would be needed), then I'll fix that.

Okay, these will be the beginning of the screenshots of new stuff!
And we start with Rock Tunnel.

That's all. Don't think I'll be posting new screenshots every day, it's gonna be a little slower this time

[EDIT]: Oops... I forgot to tell that I am working on the Trick House's maps. So far I have 8 out of 11 maps available for the next Beta.

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