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My votes shall now follow with great justice.

Funniest RPer: Jimz (Oh yeah, phear the CARD GAMES posts of Ed Pepper, and his skunk powaz of doooooommm...)

Most Creative RPer: Alter Ego (Curse your ability to overshadow me! >.<)

Laziest RPer: Me Ahem... this vote goes to JBCPeace, still MIA from CARD GAMES.

Most "Creatively Challenged" RPer (AKA, noobiest): And the award for "Randomly Selected Username goes to... Porygon-Z (Oh yeah, I'm going to pay for this...)

Best RP plot: Pokemon NG by Alter Ego

Most creative Plot-Writer: Woot for Me and Porygon-Z (He's the only one getting the vote, mind you...)

Scariest RP Master: Me Mika-Chan

Most Devoted RPer: Chigiri (Naruto roleplays would be dead without him.)

Wordiest RPer: Me, defending my title

Most Helpful RPer: Me

Most Annoying RPer: Curse you for tardiness, JBCPeace

Favorite RP Character (Male): Julius Ecruteak, (Porygon-Z, "ACC and Porygon-Z present The Land of Legends")

Favorite RP Character: (Female): Tacey Edgeworth (Alter Ego, CARD GAMES)

Funniest RP Character (Male): John Whatsisname, (Random_Fan, Pokemon Neo Genesis) (Proper name of character to follow. XD)

Funniest RP Character (Female):

Most Realistic RPer: This category makes no sense to me...

Most Diverse RPer: Chigiri (Hilarious)

Most Creative RP Promotional Banner Designer: Zaiku (Go, Star In the Sky banners! And Zaiku ftw!)

The "Most Likelies"

Most Likely to Outsell J.K. Rowling's Books Someday: I Wish...

Most Likely to Pick a Career where Little to No Writing is Required: Mewthree

Most Likely to Revolutionize the Face of Roleplaying: Definitely me.

Most Likely to Start Their Own Forum: Alter Ego (The AE Roleplaying forums of DOOOOMM!!!)

Most Likely to Burn Out Their Caps Lock Button: Rena, since Mizzi is absent...

Most Likely to Have Their Gender Confused:JBCBlank (I THOUGHT HE WAS A GUY!?!?)

Most Likely to Drop a Pop-Culture Reference: Well, I've dropped at least three to YGOTAS when roleplaying...

Most Likely to Spend the Rest of Their Natural Life in Front of a Computer Screen: Who knows?

And The Reason We Create Threads Like This In the First Place:

RPer Of the Month: Porygon-Z

NOT EDITED: Because I LMAO at the mutual votes for both n00biest and RPer of the month, which I expected. XD

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