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    Originally Posted by OblivionMew View Post
    This is really bugging me! HOW DO YOU CHANGE POKéMON NAMES!!!!!
    Wjat do you mean? as in how do you change the name of the starter pokemon? or how to nickname all the pokemon you catch?

    Originally Posted by NightwolfAA2k5 View Post
    Hmm... weird... I have a whole heap of trainers in my game, no matter which one I battle, afterwards their sprite changes to the "Red" sprite.
    hehehe, you copy and paist don't you? lol, i did that too. anyways, you need to edit the second page of the event, click on your fighter, then click on the tab that says 2 and change the sprite there to the one that you want it to be when the battle is over and done with.

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