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Originally Posted by Isaku View Post
ahhh ok it worked :D think i got it now..but theres another question, and pleassse, if should post it in another thread in another forum, pls tell me!

ahm..yeah, the only thing i need right to start through with my game can i do the choosing of the starter pokemon? in the starter kit theres just a script, where u get 6 random pokemon. how can i change it, that i can choose one pokemon like in the classic game? or does such a script like in the original game exist?
If you use my version then everything will work fine....however you need knowlege of RGSS and personally anyone with a brain should be able to do it.

Check out the Script called PokemonUtilities (Above Main) and edit the Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile modules as you please.
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