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Hello, everyone! Yes, this is the latest fan fiction written by yours truly, Bay. Okay, this fic has been posted earlier then my intended October 1st date, but I just can’t wait to post it! Now, a couple of things. Liked I said in the preview page (at Serebii), this is based loosely off of the book “Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown. However, it will not be about religion. Instead, this story will be of history. Plus, there will be differences between that book and this story as I tried to make “Nothing, Everything” my own.

Now, I actually finished this fan fiction, but I am going to try to edit/revise the chapters before I post them. So yeah, expect this fic to have its chapters be posted all the way through. ;D

This fic will be rated PG-13 for some instances of violence and one sexual reference joke by one of the characters later in the story.

Well, hope you guys read, review (constructive criticism is love XD ), and enjoy! Oh, and huge thanks to Saphria_Thorn (at Serebii) for betaing this story for any grammar mistakes I have.

Disclamier: Some of the lines from this story (most notably the prologue and Chapter Seven) I borrowed from the lines of the Pokemon Diamond game, so credit goes to that. Also, I do not own Pokemon nor Officer Jenny, though both I spiced up their personality a bit. XD

Book One: Under the Dust
Prologue: Graduation for Two
Chapter One: Searching
Chapter Two: The Things They Carried
(more will be added as time progresses)

~Nothing, Everything~

“The past is but the beginning of a beginning, and all that is and has been
is but the twilight of the dawn." - H.G. Wells

Book One
Under the Dust

Graduation for Two


Faded and remembered.

Can be looked at differently.

Always repeated.

Can affect both present and future.

If broken, how much will it be worth?


Look not into the Pokèmon’s eyes.
In but an instant, you’ll have no recollection of who you are.
Return home, but how when there is nothing to remember?
Dare not touch the Pokèmon’s body.
In but three short days, all emotions will drain away.
Above all, above all, harm not the Pokèmon.
In a scant five days, the offender will grow immobile in entirety.

“Man, that is cool… Why have I never seen this book before?”

A young short woman had put an old dusty book closer to her nose, which began to wrinkle when some dust flew on it. She pulled a strand of her curly brown hair behind her right ear to see better. A huge smile was planted on her peach colored face. The woman was about to turn the next page eagerly until…

“Bunny, there you are!” said a young adult’s voice.

The female called Bunny turned around, screamed, and dropped the book when she saw two women. One looked in her early fifties and had white hair touching her skinny shoulders. Her green eyes blinked a few times. Another woman looked the same age as Bunny, but a few inches taller than her and with a bow on her short blond hair.

“Violet! Mrs. Davis! You both scared me to death. Is there something wrong?”

“Yes, Bunny!” said the younger woman, Violet, her voice of urgency. “Did you almost forget that today is our college graduation?”

In an instant, the brown haired woman gasped.

“Oh my gosh! Really? I guess I had spent a little too long in this library.”

Ever since she could remember, Bunny loved the Canalave City Library. The bright lights made the walls turn yellow but also warmed Bunny’s body. She loved the intelligent soft chatter that always greeted her each time she entered. Her eyes always scanned the books, most notably in the history, myth, and ruin sections. Every time she read them, she was at a specific location and trying to find that artifact for a couple of hours. Soon she would go traveling for real.

After Bunny said that last sentence, she laughed in embarrassment and then half-closed her light blue eyes.

“Yeah,” said the older woman with a chuckle. “Always going through Pokèmon history and mythology books ever since you were a little kid.”

There was a pause. Mrs. Davis, with a smile on her face, looked at Bunny a few times. Bunny for a second felt a melting feeling inside her heart, but in a good way.

“I cannot believe it. Now you are going to be a college graduate. I knew you would graduate in top honors of your major!”

“Me too,” Violet added. “Man, Bunny is always obsessed with Pokèmon his...”

Violet stopped when she saw Bunny staring at her coldly, which made Mrs. Davis laugh very loudly. After a few seconds, Bunny giggled a bit. Her friend sighed, relieved to hear her laughter.

It took a while until Bunny wondered how long they had left to get ready until graduation would start

“Hey, any of you two know what time it is?”

Mrs. Davis checked her watch and then answered, “Five o’ clock.”

Bunny’s eyes widen and then had her hand on her head.

“Five o’ clock! Oh my gosh Violet, we do not have much time!”

Bunny quickly grabbed Violet’s wrist and then the two went off. Before both of them went downstairs, they said their goodbyes loudly to Mr. Davis. When they were out of her sight, the librarian laughed softly.


His head felt like a tidal wave that could do great damage. He rubbed his head and then groaned.

What happened?

He opened his eyes and saw he was inside a hall of an apartment building. The carpet was warm on his cheeks and the walls were clean. His skinny body rose up and then the man rubbed his black hair, many already turned white. His light blue eyes stared at one of the doors. He felt his blood pressure rise. Memories of what happened came back to him.

A darkened study room. The anger of another man he knew very well. A Venonat that used an attack on him. Him falling down hard.

Dang it! Why he had done it?

He dashed towards that door and then banged on it with his hands. The man kept banging on the door, but there was no answer.

“Come out, you! Why did you do that to me?”

Still no answer. He kept knocking, though.


Outside a football field, university graduation just finished. Many graduates were either talking with their family or taking pictures with them. Happiness and excitement mixed together in this special occasion.

“All right, say Pikachu!” said a bald man holding a camera.

Violet and Bunny, both in blue colored graduation robes, said “Pikachu!” together and then Bunny’s father took the picture.


After he put the digital camera back in his shirt pocket, his cell phone rang. He took the device out of his pocket?
and then answered the call.

“Hello? Oh, I see. Well, I am at my daughter’s graduation. Hold on a

He turned to both Violet and Bunny and then said to them, “Sorry gals, an important phone call.”

While her father was talking on his cell phone, Bunny and Violet were having a small but personal conversation.

“Are you okay with your dad busy working?”

Bunny sighed and then said, “Not really, to tell you the truth. He’s always busy, but I understand. Tried to support the both of us and our Pokèmon ever since Mom died. We do manage to spend some time together, though. I am proud though that he was doing this all for me.”

Bunny smiled when she said that last sentence. She then looked up the sky, hoping someone particular saw this special occasion. Later, Bunny turned around when she heard Violet speak.

“I seriously cannot believe that you will leave soon on your first
expedition at Kanto.”

“Yeah. Over there I am going to Mt. Moon and have a look at those Moon Stones, plus others. I heard Kanto has a lot of more information on the evolution stones than in this region. Don’t worry though; I will still contact you by phone and e-mail.”

Violet giggled and then said, “I thought you would use the old fashion mail for keeping in touch with me!”

Bunny laughed, amused Violet would think that. The two then looked at the other graduates hanging out with friends and family. Both smiled, glad everyone was happy.


Darkness blanketed the tree covered Riverbank Street. Outside, the pleasant musical tunes of Kricketunes could be heard. The street was empty except for a figure in a long coat walking slowly, carrying a heavy backpack. The figure kept walking until he stopped to see a ten story apartment building close by. Vines circled around the brick constructed place and many windows were bright with the lights inside.

The figure grinned.


A woman in her early twenties laid down on a small couch, staring at the ceiling. Her smooth looking face began to become wet with sweat. She thought her living room was all hot and stuffy, and the cold air from outside didn’t help much. A new thought later came to her mind that stung her badly, as if someone stabbed her.

Cannot believe he did not come to my police academy graduation. Been busy with his ‘history projects’ again, I guess.

Her mind was interrupted when she heard a doorbell. She slowly got up and went to open it. Shock grabbed her heart when the woman saw an old man in a long coat, his wrinkles visible to see. Tips of his white hair were drenched from sweat.

“Hello, Jenny!” the medium sized man said cheerfully. “Congratulations on graduating in the Pokèmon Police Academy.”

When he looked at her, she did not smile. The man could tell from her squinting eyes that Jenny was not too happy about this.

“Oh, come on!” the man said now in a serious tone. “Look, I am very sorry that I did not make it. I was...”

“Busy with your current history project,” Jenny interrupted, anger that was meant to spat back without thinking the consequences. “You are always busy now these days.”

The old man sighed and then shook her head. Inside, Jenny was happy he was about to admit it.

“I know and I am sorry. Look, I do not have much time…”

“Great, still busy! Why did you come here anyways?” the woman interrupted again, this time with more force then before.

There was complete silence and the two eyed on each other. Jenny felt the intensity inside her living room. After a few minutes, the male spoke first.

“Jenny…I never saw you mad like that. You were always the upbeat and fun one who like to make jokes.”

No smile or frown appeared on Jenny’s mouth. The man sighed.

“Well…I can't seem to be myself when you keep busying yourself with your projects,” Jenny admitted. “I really missed the two of us together, even though I am twenty one years old.”

The blue haired woman slowly let herself chuckle. A tiny bit of her thought it was amusing to want his company at that age.

The man smiled and then said softly, “Me too, to be honest. I remember when we used to play a lot of board games together and other things.”

“You were my favorite,” Jenny said in a sad tone and then let her head down.

Her mind raced with thoughts about him. In her childhood there were many great memories with the two of them together. A lot of laughing, squealing, playing, and joking. Jenny cannot remember the last time the two had fun together. Part of her wanted to forgive him, since right now she was too old to do the things the two did in the past. Part of her wanted to just spend at least a few minutes with her uncle. Play or no play, it did not matter.

Jenny later felt a necklace wrapped around her neck. Her eyes gazed at what looked like a light green rock that was carved. To her, it was beautiful. She then stared at her uncle again.

He must have put it around my neck without me noticing.

“A graduation present. Wanted to give it to you before I leave to resume my project.”

Again, Jenny was torn. She wanted to keep it, as she believed it was a very thoughtful gift. She also wanted to just throw the necklace onto her uncle’s face and laugh. Her fingers touched the chains, in case she decided to do the latter.

Not wanting to wait any longer, her uncle said, “I hope you like it. Will see you again in a couple of weeks or so.”

As soon as the uncle left the house, Jenny stared at her necklace. She bit her bottom lip, still unsure how to react.


The beginning lines of the prologue was from that one book in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl called “Horrific Myth”., the one you find at the Canalave City Library in the game.

Yep, that is the end of the prologue. Well, sorry that is a bit longer then normal prologues. ;; Also, sorry about Bunny having a weird name and very good with history. Don’t worry, her flaws will be revealed as the story progresses and her name will be made fun of by one of the characters later on. XD

Well, nothing else to say but review away!

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