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    Originally Posted by Isaku View Post
    lol ok i ment everyone who was working on this starter kit ^-^
    but theres still one question XD how can i let events appear only after another event was started? i can just to conditional branches, but there i cant choose events, just gold and skills and switches and so on.

    and how do i get to the switches to edit them and set new ones?

    because what i want to do is: after choosing a pokemon, before going out of the house, prof oak, runs after me and tells me my first mission. but that should start of course after choosing the pokemon and not when i entry the house the first time.

    most people don't answer this because it's kind of easy, but, i'm nice so here we go.

    the first thing you need to do is decide what event you want to come first. once you've don't that go to that event.
    open it in the editor (just double click on it) then open the editor thing (double click on the thing that looks like "@>". once you've done that, click on control variables, and then click on the drop down menu.

    select an unnamed variable, and name it (for the sake of this tutorial, lets go with "i'm-the-man", because i'm kind of board at the moment,) . click ok.

    Then click on control self switch, make sure "A" is in the drop down menu (or what ever letter you want) and click ok.
    make a new page, on this page, set the condition box to self : (what ever letter was in control self switch). press apply, and then ok

    Now go to the second event (the one you want to happen only after the first) it doesn't even have to be on the same map, it can be anywhere you want the event to happen, just go there, and set the condition as switch: "i'm-the-man".

    click apply. click ok. and we're done.

    Originally Posted by poccil View Post
    Apparently the link has remained online again. The newest release I just made incorporates most of the features I mentioned previously, such as daycare and egg support, custom window skins, and colors for male and female dialogue in the message system. Please refer to notes.txt in the Pokemon Essentials ZIP file for details. Also, metadata not representable in RPG Maker XP can be specified per-map and globally by editing metadata.txt; and the ZIP file also contains the animation editor I made for generating Pokemon battle animations.

    Please send problems and comments to me through private messaging instead of to this thread. Thanks.
    By the way, i keep forgetting to tell you, the animation editor doesn't completly work, when you go to rename an animation, it messes up (unless you've updated it in the last 2 weeks it should still be like that)

    but knowing my pc it could just be me.

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