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    Originally Posted by Isaku View Post
    ok thank u, but at the second event u mean to set the condition variable with im the man not switch or? because we have set an variable at the first one and not a switch.

    and can i also set it twice? the "an event occurs when touching the other one" - function at an event that also occured on that way?

    okay, now i have arranged the swichtes and so on...but now another problem occured: when i go to the prof. house (uper, big house), talk to him and go to the pokeballs, go back to him, choose a pokemon, and then he should go to the pc, like i told him in the script, but he just goes up.
    can someone of u tell me why? i have uploaded the project here:
    dude, i didn't understand what you said, take a deep breath, and tell me what happened again, i will download the project, but i need sleep, (it's 3:57 am here XD) so it will have to wait about... 10 hours. i'll see what's wrong then. ok? and sorry it's going to take so long.

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