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    Originally Posted by Isaku View Post
    lol okay, sorry XD my english is soo bad '

    so now a little bit slower:
    what i want/need: combination of the event-appearing-function. with the variable and selfswitch i made to let an event appear, after another one was activated. now i want to let the appeared one also activates another event.

    and what doesnt work in my game: u go to the house of the prof. (like in the classic game). its the upper one, the big one. there u go to the prof. then a text message appears. then u talk to the prof. then go to the pokeballs, look at them (both). then the profs comes closer. u go to him. then choose one pokemon. and then he should go to the pc. but instead of going to the pc he just goes one step up. and i dont know why.
    so good sleep XD i go and get lunch

    Now i have created the first battle route, but it doesnt work..i used bushes all over the way, but the enemies doesnt appear. do i have to do special settings??
    There is a "notes" file, and an "encounters" files, you need to read them and edit the encounters one, that should fix that problem for you.

    And i found the movement problem, your movement route for prof. isn't right. you need to edit it.

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