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    Originally Posted by Tiger778 View Post
    Whoa! This is progressing really smoothly Poccil, I sadly have yet another question. >.<;;

    How do you give characters unique music in battles?
    For example I want a certain BGM for normal trainers.
    A certain one for Gym leaders and a certain one for Rivals.

    Btw: The custom item, "Lab Key" Did you put that there for me? xD

    Also, the newly implented Day/Night System. Is there anyeay to control it?
    For example can you automattically change the time of day through an event?
    Changing the music for a Trainer is relatively easy. Go the event page for the Trainer and insert an event command called "Play ME" to the top of the list of event commands.

    The "Lab Key" is just an illustration of a custom Key Item.

    The day-and-night system relies on the system time and not on an internal timing mechanism. I don't believe there is a way to set the system time in RGSS.

    I should also note by the way, that I have managed to shrink the size of the game screen by half. This feature is available in the game's "Screen Size" option and will be part of the next release.
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