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Alright, so here we go. I'll give a detailed question-by-question breakdown to determine the winner.

Q1: Who is the first witness that Nick ever questions?
A: Frank Sahwit
Correct: Vavavoom, Twilight Prince Link
(Explanation for those who answered Larry Butz- Larry does appear first, but Sahwit was the first one questioned. Butz didn't testify the first time that he was on the stand.)

Q2: Name the von Karmas in the order of their appearance.
A: Manfred von Karma, Franziska von Karma
Correct: Vavavoom, gonbeneko25, Twilight Prince Link, Phoenix Wright, waveguidebuizel

Q3: What are the signature items of Nick and Ms. von Karma, in that order?
A: Nick-Attorney's Badge, Franziska-Whip
Correct: gonbeneko25, Twilight Prince Link, Phoenix Wright, waveguidebuizel

Q4: What is the name of the paranormal photographer, later turned paparazzi photographer, in the Ace Attorney series?
A: Lotta Hart
Correct: Vavavoom, Twilight Prince Link, Phoenix Wright, gonbeneko25

Q5: What is the name of the killer in the last case, and by what means does he testify?
A: Shelley de Killer, through a radio transceiver.
Correct: waveguidebuizel

So now, the tallies:
Twilight Prince Link- 4
waveguidebuizel- 3
Phoenix Wright- 3
gonbeneko25- 3

So then, congrats to Twilight Prince Link on winning the trivia bowl! You now get to be head defense attorney number 2! You get to... um... lead discussions and stuff? I dunno, but be proud that you won the trivia bowl!

I may be doing another one of these in the future, so all of you keep your eyes out!
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