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    Originally Posted by Isaku View Post
    i want to have misty and rocko walking behind me. i just made it with events, so that misty join me. and the running thing i did with move action - walk to the player. but it only works for one map. and when it came to a new map, then i have to do the same event again, where i step on, then the character runs behind me. but i don't have enough fields left on some maps to set it xd and then there's the problem with disappearing after i went with her to her arena, now i thought to use an item, that she gives me and i lose when she lefts, and so on..but that's soo complicated, isn't there an easy way? i think some years ago i found a script for maker 2000, where this problem was solved. but there they where group members. and i cant set misty and rocko as pokemon to my group XDD
    I'm trying to do the same thing myself, but for making a prologue cutscene, 2 scientists walk to a certain location and do a certain thing which acts as a prequel for the events ingame...
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