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    They call them 'Trojans' because A long time ago, the Greeks used something called a 'Trojan Horse', A horst made of wood pretending they surrendered and it was a gift. They're enemies opened the gate and let the Greeks bring it in, and late at night, when they were sleeping, Greek soilders were inside of the Trojan Horse, so they got out, in did their attacking....

    So, a trojan pretends to be another application, but it's not...

    Here are some things I've seen be able to do:
    Disable the firewall
    Open any ports
    Create an account called "Hacker" unseeable in the login screen
    Steal your password hash and e-mail it to the attacker [but you won't see it being e-mailed unless you saw it in the Force Quit window]
    all of the above...

    So, be careful with what you download, and if you are on a user account and it asks for the admin username and password...
    1. You must know EXACTLY what it is and what it does
    2. Ask a freind if he's used it to make sure...
    3. Use an Anti-Virus Scanner to check the file
    4. Check with your System Administrator, since he/she will be typing in the password anyway...

    ^Hope this helped!
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