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    Originally Posted by halowizard11 View Post
    everytime i hit 'import' and i choose my sprite it says:
    Error: Image not Indexed
    The image must only have 16 colors. If you are replacing an existing image with your custom one but using the same original palette, export the original and open that in paint. Then open your custom image in paint and select all and copy. Then go to the original picture and paste your custom image over it and save. If after pasting it the colors are wrong is because the colors in the custom one are not in the existing palette. You could either use one of the existing palette colors or change the palette.

    Alternatively, If you have an image editing program like photoshop or paint shop pro, you should be able to reduce the color depth to 16 colors and change the palette colors to what you want. Remember that the first colour found in the palette is used for the background color of the image and will be transparent in game.

    Hope this helps.