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    Well, like I said before, I only got through the first two minutes of "Tough Battle! Team Rocket Enter!" before it froze up. But from what I saw, they aren't subbed. I also downloaded "Team Rocket Special! Love and the Origin of Youth". It did the very same thing after only a few seconds. I'm starting to think that maybe there's a problem with my player. I have NO luck with computers I'm updating my player as we speak in hopes that that will help.

    But, if anyone could translate the eps for me, I have a friend who has the education and the equipment to add subtitles to it...that is, if I ever fix all of these problems I'm encountering.

    I've downloaded both the team rocket eps and both of them keep freezing up. Is anyone else having this problem, and if not...then what am I doing wrong? This is all so frustrating...:'(
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