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Adopt a Fusion

Yes, I made the same thread two days ago, but it became closed -.-
So I start again.

In this thread I offer my fusions to adopt.
If you want to adopt one of these poor, homeless creatures, just write which one of them you want. Every Fusion can be adopted by 1 - 5 people.
Everytime I´m bored, I make fusions, so there are more to come.
If you have ideas for fusions, but don´t want to make it by yourself; DON´T post here. (it´s not allowed, so PM me)

The Fusions:
I´ll update them as often as possible








Adopted by GrovyleMan

That´s it so far.
Feel free to rate them.
But please: If you want to use them (in a game or whatever) pleeease, don´t steal them, just ask me.

Wanna adopt one too? Just come to my adoption-thread!!! (It got closed, so if you want one PM me)

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