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"You and I are one in the same, Mr. Svartel. My very existence is treason against Tylonstus, yet I stand before you representing him. However, don't waste my time!" The apostle's voice grew irritated as the fireball reflected in the creature's red eyes. The ball of fionus hit it's target, but as the inferno disappeared and the smoke began to clear, the figure of the boy was seen right beneath Aertan, before utilizing an uppercut to his stomach with Rosaline still draped over his shoulder. It would have been difficult for anyone to see him move and leave a ball of dation behind to make it seem like it had hit him.

Cress, while not given much time to react, soon found himself involved with Adela's assault. He easily caught the remaining arrows like he had done with Reid's, before breaking them in half and dropping them to the ground. "The battlefield is no place for little kids." Was what he said before he disappeared from plain view once again. Reid's eyes shot back and forth, looking for the opponent. His ears caught the creature's movement, and determined it's location. "ADELA!" He shouted, on cue with the appearance of Cress, who was now directly behind the young girl, his free hand raised with Lionus gathering on the palm. How the hell was he both a Dation AND a Lionus user? There wouldn't be any time for her to react, and a blast of that magnitude would surely kill her if it made contact.

At that moment, time seemed to stand still for the boy, and then everything went black excluding her body, which seemed to be resonating with a dim green light. He grabbed his forehead in agony as the little green dot began to burn furiously, and he fell to his knees as the room became lighter again.

However, he was not in the room with the others anymore. He was standing... in the sky? No, the sky was purple, why was this sky blue? How the hell was he standing? The sky suddenly changed to a shade of green, and the wind began to gather, as far as Reid could see, in a specific area before him. It was strange. As far as Reid could tell, there was no mahstion present in the air, and he could not see beyond the clouds below him. Where was he, exactly? His attention was drawn back to the wind gathering before him after it began emitting a strange green light. The light was similar to the light he was admitting, only this one was much stronger. The mass of wind did nothing for a moment, but one final flash of light revealed the true nature of this wind.

Standing before him was a figure, obviously female, but obviously not human. Everything about her was a green colour. Her skin was a pale green colour, her hair dark green and flowing down to her ankles, though it danced wildly in the breeze, with her bangs brushing her green eyebrows. She didn't look that old, perhaps thirteen or fourteen, which was backed up by her small frame and lack of definitive curves, though she was about Reid's height. She was dressed in a simple white robe that went down to her knees, leaving her shoulders, arms, and an inch of two below her neckline bare. Her eyes completed the inhuman persona, as they were white, just white, with no visible pupils. She gazed at Reid in a manner that suggested she was daydreaming, but Reid could only assume she always wore that expression because at the same time it felt like she was peering right into his soul.

Reid reached for his bow as a safety precaution, but his hand caught air where the bow should have been. Upon closer inspection, he found that he too was dressed in a similar robe. The girl shook her head, and a smile formed on her lips which were a green not unlike the green of her hair. Her eyes remained in a daydreamy state, however, which Reid found somewhat relaxing. This person, if she was a person, had a very relaxing aura about her. After a moment of silence, and the two staring at each other, the green girl began to relay words to the boy.

"Reid Davies of the wind, you may simply call me 'Mistral', for that is my tribe name." The girl, Mistral, had a very soft, emotionless voice, but it seemed to incorporate a very child-like pitch that reminded Reid of his sister when she was distracted. "I'm sure you have many questions to ask, like who I am, what I am, or where we are right now. That, however, will have to wait until afterwards. For now, let's just leave the information at the fact that I am you, and I can provide you with the power to protect."

"You're the one who killed Rod, aren't you?" Reid said cautiously as he took a step back from the girl. If he was making proper sense of what she was saying, could she have been the one that took control of his body that time?

"No, not I. Since we have become connected, we will now be able to talk at any desired moment, I will explain all after your friend's are safe. It won't be long until they too meet their other halves..." With these words in Reid's head, Mistral faded from his vision, and everything turned black again. He suddenly found himself back in the hallway, and it was as if no time had gone by since he zoned away. The only difference between then and now was that his body had the same green glow Mistral had been radiating, and the Wionus concentration radiating from his body was tremendous. Commander Milo, still on the ground and wounded, watched wide eyed as Reid disappeared for a moment and reappeared where he had previously stood, Adela in his arms. "Very good." He heard Mistral in his head.

Cress' attack hit thin air, and impacted the wall at the end of the hallway. His eyes locked on to Reid's with a look of annoyance present. He was surely thinking 'how the hell did he do that?' The demon boy spat on the ground, and stepped back as a black mahstion portal formed behind him. "Apparently I must take my leave now. I'm sure we'll meet again. And don't worry! I'll take good care of the sacrifice here." He shook the unconscious girl violently and licked his lips, before entering through the portal, appearing at the HQ in Alta amidst a dark room.

Reid glanced down at the girl in his arms, who he set down in fear of her beating him. The green aura faded, and he stumbled slightly, apparently exhausted. "Dammit... Rosaline..."

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