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Alicel loosened her grip on her whip, feeling as guilty as ever for having done nothing except be a nuiscance, for having done nothing but watch as Rosaline was taken away again. Shuffling over to Aertan, who lay in a crumpled heap. Squatting down beside him, she was hesitant to even touch him, but reached out to help him up. He had different plans however, as Haeon't grabbed Alicel's wrist, the girl amazingly not flinching at the touch of the filthy-looking hand, but staying where she was as Geote slammed himself into the ground, pushing Aertan up onto his knee's. The Svartel before her looked extremely flustered as he tried to catch his breath and clutched his stomach.

"Don't touch me." He wheezed out as Haeon't released Alicel's grip, "Filthy... blood trait-" He turned his head in the other direction as he coughed up some blood. It was a mighty fierce punch that that demon had, and spitting out the remaining blood in his mouth, Aertan stood, with Geote still on the ground like a walking stick.

Alicel's expression seemed not to register the insult, as she simply stood up as well and glanced at Reid, who had moved at what seemed like the speed of light. She hadn't even seen him flinch.

Adela herself was still shaking from simply being in the presence of so much Lionus magic, and she stared up at Reid with a wary and surprised face- She had just turned to stare into blinding white light and then the next she was being placed onto the floor. Determinedly looking away, she screwed up her face in an effort not to really cry, but it didn't help that by looking away, she stared straight at the wounded Commander Milo. So how had she escaped without a scratch? Because Reid had gotten her out of the way just in time. Otherwise, Adela wouldn't have stood much more chance then her mother, who was surely superior in terms of skill and talent.

"I'm not..." Adela blubbered to herself, her face turning a flustered red as she clenched her hand into a fist and pounded it down onto the tile floor, "A KID!!!!!"

Aertan lazily stared at Adela, who was crying yet again, though the tears were probably a bit more genuine in the new situation. He silently watched as the girl stumbled to her feet in a discoordinated way and muttered, “I’m gonna find Shiraume.” before storming out of the ward. So, that was probably the fourth time he’d heard someone down talk Adela about her age since he’d met her.

“So. Now we have to find Juliet and Rosaline.” Aertan said, ignoring Adela as he thought to himself.

The eye on Haeon’t’s palm opened and switch to a mouth as it hovered next to Aertan’s temple, “Kirden’s whispers say that Julie-“

Aertan interrupted the mangled harsh hiss of a voice, “Haeon’t, Geote, please move Commander Milo to Reid’s vacant bed, it’s probably more comfortable then the floor. Don’t touch the wound and don’t move her too much so that the injury does too. You know the drill.”

Haeon’t’s mouth switched back to its eye, and Geote lifted himself off the floor, Aertan taking a step forward to steady himself as the two arms gingerly lifted Commander Milo off the floor and into the room.


“I… don’t know.” Villa murmured timidly as she trembled in the company of the others, “I don’t… remember…”

She braced herself for the blow that would surely come. She had failed yet again. But, hadn’t they seen it? Hadn’t they been observing her every move since she became that other girl? Hadn’t she done enough just by saying yes to becoming this guinea pig? Was there more? Something she hadn’t noticed or seen?

Where had she been? She was in Carn, now. But before? Where had she been? They say Tealia. But Villa had no recollection, she mumbled almost incoherently, shrinking backward as she spoke, “I-I only re-remember a little girl w-with teal hair.”

”My hair’s not funny! At least I don’t have white hair like an old lady!!”

As if someone had split her head open, Villa whimpered as she squatted down, clutching her head. It was the blue hair; just the blue hair. And the white hair, she could remember seeing the few strands that hung in her eyes. But the more she thought about it, the more it hurt, and she blanked it out. After being excused for being a failure, Villa scurried out of the room and let her sleeves drag on the floor behind her as she resisted the urge to cry. Her head hurt whenever she tried to think of the things they wanted to know. But she’d been doing this for so long because they needed to know.

It was nice, to feel normal…