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    I've put up a new mapping tutorial for you all. It's at , if you want to see it.

    EDIT: I'll also give you a quick overview on progress, lifted from my post at the official forums:

    Okay. We haven't released much on development progress since the public release, so with the Game forums open I'd like to tackle that issue.
    1. What has been done since the milestone release?
      This is a tough one. Most of us are fairly busy, but I admit that more could have been done in that timespan. We're taking steps toward further development; the move to Sourceforge will hopefully open up progress. However, we need bug reports so we can fix the current problems!
    2. What are our plans, if any, for the future?
      Well, that's tough to say. The current goal is parity with the big fish in the PokeMMO arena - that is, POL. To achieve that, we'll be fixing up battling and movement.
    3. Are we changing anything in the existing release?
      I'm planning on taking out the database, first and foremost. It's caused no end of trouble. Outside of that, we'll try to address any bug reports that are filed. A rewrite isn't in the cards right now, but it is a consideration if the issues are extensive enough.
    4. What can be done to help?
      This really is dependent upon your skill set. Developers are always sorely needed. If you think you have the Java knowledge to help, go ahead. You can check out our code at (Code -> SVN) to get an idea.
      Graphical designers could be useful - we are in need of a better tileset at this point. Individual sprites and tiles are not really needed. A logo could be helpful as well. Mappers are needed also.