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    Faewyn could do nothing but gape at the ensuing battle. Not only was this stranger stronger and faster than she had even thought possible, but he knew how to wield two types of mahstion? No, that just couldn't be right! Each and every living being was only born to one mahstion type; all the books in mama's library had been absolutely adamant about it, and to top it off Lionus and Dation were opposing elements. Still, this shock was relatively minor in comparison to what happened next; her mark suddenly sprung into the old throbbing routine again, forcing Faewyn to relinquish her grasp of the crossbow and grab a hold of her forehead again, her body swaying back and forth in a feeble effort to stay upright. Reid...her glance traveled towards the boy, only barely recognizing its target. The mahstion presence surrounding him was astounding, it was-Faewyn gasped as the obvious conclusion jumped out from the depths of her mind; wind mahstion in excessive amounts, certainly enough to...she swallowed heavily, curling up into a fetal position while continuing to clasp her head, even as the throbbing continued to subside. No, that couldn't be right! Reid and Rod were friends! He'd never have killed his own friend like that! Never, NEVER, EVER!

    Faewyn was still in shock as the battle cleared, the stranger disappearing with Rosaline in tow. She had done nothing, nothing what-so-ever. What kind of a soldier was that? The girl's eyes traveled across the room in desperate search of something positive about the situation, anything, anything at all. As long as she had even the tiniest spark of happiness, no matter how futile, she could go on...

    "Halt, intruder! Oh..." Faewyn's attention was immediately drawn to the other stranger who had just burst into the room, glaive in hand, "Guess I missed the battle, huh?" he inquired sheepishly, brushing aside a few locks of blonde hair from his bronze-colored face before turning down his weapon in a decidedly embarrassed manner. The girl's stare intensified, there was something familiar about this stranger, she was positive that she had seen him somewhere, but...

    "Reece Everard reporting for duty, commander." the stranger announced, "Although I guess this is not a good time for that either..?"


    At Faewyn's exclamation, the stranger's attention was finally turned to her, both staring at each other for a moment before his eyes widened in surprise, "Fay?" he inquired cautiously, "What in the Styx are you doing here?"

    "It is you!"

    "Hey, hey, easy." Reece mumbled as the girl leapt at him, catching his waist with the same kind of crushing hug she had applied to Reid earlier and bursting into a fit of uncontrollable sobs, tears running down her cheeks and incomprehensible fragments of speech like 'they took her!' escaping beneath the sobs, "Fay, look; whatever's wrong it will turn out okay in the end. I'll see to it, alright?" he gave Faewyn a paternal pat on the head before turning his attention to the others, his expression now dead serious, "Alright, does anyone mind filling me in on what just happened here? Who took who? Why did this room have the mahstion concentration of a small country a few minutes ago? Why are there more dead bodies lying around here than at the morgue? And what in all blazes is a Carn priest doing here?" he cast a suspicious glance at Aertan, "For the love of justice, someone tell me what the heck is going on."
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