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    Houndgloom: this fire/grass/dark/poison type is a hybrid of houndoom and gloom. When it breaths fire, the fumes smell REALLY bad, and if you get burnt, the pain and stench never leave your body.

    Nurse-a-thing: the product of an Ursaring and a Blissey. It mauls you, then tries to make you better.

    Bloody-curse-ya: a satanic Teddiursa... when you breed a disgruntled ursaring with a houndoom, this thing results. Or an Ursaring with a ghost type.

    Hellbratty: if you spoil a skitty too much, it evolves into this spoiled brat cat. Its needs and wants can never be fulfilled no matter how hard you try.

    Hitmonchansey: this normal/fighting type beats the crap out of you, then tries to heal you. It is the rival to Nurse-a-thing.

    Crapdos: when this legendary bird creates lightning, it sounds like the rip of a mighty fart. If the lightning strikes the ground, a foul odor that rivals that of Houndgloom's can be smelled.

    Ekansgutor: this snake pokemon always tries to eat the eggs that are attached to it.

    Hitmonhint: an annoying tyrogue evolution, Hitmonhint likes to stand over your shoulder when you are trying to play videogames and whispers hints to you.

    $hittty: if Crapdos strikes a skitty, this is the result.

    Charcanite: the type we've all been waiting for, a fire/dragon type. It is pretty ugly though, being a hybrid of charizard, arcanine, and dragonite, and it's helluva fat.

    Machomp: if you overfeed a Machoke, it evolves into the four-mouthed Machomp. This thing LOVES to eat, and its signature moves are lick, crunch and swallow.

    Nachoke: it's basically a yellow and red machoke who prefers to live in mexico. hackers say its stats are no different from a normal machoke's.

    Dugtrillion: the evolution of Dugtrio, it is basically a trillion digletts stuck together.

    Luncheon: this always hungry eeveelution's appetite rivals that of machomp's (gee, we sure have a lot of rivals)

    Pal-o-mine: if you are very friendly to a Swinub, it evolves into this friendly mammoth pig beast.

    Napoleon: this eeveelution is even smaller than eevee, but it has plans to take over kanto, johto, and hoenn, but not the orange islands because they suck.

    Yoo-hoo: a powerful psychic kangaroo which was cloned from the mystic yoo.

    Hitmonsick: if you treat a Tyrogue badly and never treat its illnesses, it evolves into this contagious fighter. Its signature move it Vomit Lunch, similar to Hitmonchan's Comet Punch but a whole lot grosser.

    Right-behind-ya: the wolfen dark type who is overused by team sock-ya and team bag-ya, this pokemon is... RIGHT BEHIND YA, WATCH OUT! Despite the slight similarity to the name, right-behind-ya has no ties to bloody-curse-ya.

    Boo-hoo: after yoo-hoo realized it was created by heartless scientists, it turned into the angsty boo-hoo.

    Um, were we allowed to post a ton?

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